How to Use and Make a Yardage Book

Yardage Book Construction and Usage



How to Make a Foldable Yardage Book

The new format foldable pocket-sized yardage book is larger and easier to read than the old pocket-sized book, but it still fits inside your shirt or back pants pocket once it is folded.  It has almost all the readability of a full sized yardage book with the ease of fitting it into your pocket.


All the RRF yardage books files are in Adobe PDF format. Use the print feature in the Adobe Reader to print out the yardage book. The yardage books are available in two sizes, foldable pocket-sized and full page. The foldable pocket-sized book will fit comfortably into your shorts or shirt pocket.


The full page size has a single golf hole on a each sheet of printer paper. To make a full page yardage book, just print each page, staple together and you're finished.


FOLDABLE POCKET-SIZED YARDAGE BOOK INSTRUCTIONS: Print out the foldable yardage book, using the print feature in the Adobe Reader.  Trim off the white area to the right of the dashed box.  Staple the left side of the trimmed yardage book.  Do NOT put a staple near the center since this is where the book will be folded.  Have the smooth side of the staples facing the same way.  Staple so the open side of the staples are on the printed side of the page.  Fold the yardage book from top to bottom with the smooth side of the staples facing outward so they do not snag your pocket.

Foldable yardage book directions.pdf

(Not all golf courses are available yet in this new format)



Text Box: CUT LINE Text Box: 375 Text Box: 425 Text Box: 350 Text Box: 400 Text Box: 450


Using the Adobe Reader single page print option, print out a couple of extra copies of the scale ruler page. This is on the last page of the yardage book file.  Each page has two scale ruler with tick marks which is scaled to be used with the yardage book’s golf hole diagrams. This page may be cut in half to make two separate scale rulers.





After the RRF Yardage book scale ruler page is cut in half, fold over each of the two sides to make the ruler easier to use. Scotch tape the back of the folded over ruler to make it stronger.


split ruler






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How to Use Your Yardage Book


Use the scale ruler furnished with the yardage book to determine where you will hit the golf ball with the club you want to use. Remember...under the rules of the United States Golf Association the golf course is not required to have accurate yardages on their scorecards, monuments or sprinkler heads.


SCALE RULER:  The RRF Yardage book’s provides a scale ruler that can be used to accurately measure the yardage from any two points on the golf hole’s diagram.



AERIAL OVERVIEW:  The first page of the yardage book is an aerial view showing the entire golf course.


aerial view of whole course


The tee markers on the RRF yardage books are where they should be located according to the golf course’s official scorecard. If the golf course has their tee markers in the correct location according to their scorecard then their tees will match up with the RRF tee markers.

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UNDERSTANDING THE CIRCLES:  The center of each green is indicated by a white dot. The first black ring is 25 yards from this center of the green. Expanding outward are alternating colored and black circles, each 25 yards apart. The green ring is 50 yards, the red ring is 100 yards, the white ring is 150 yards, the blue ring is 200 yards, and the yellow ring is 250 yards from the center of the green.



circle explanation


If you hit your ball outside the diagram area, into the blank white area, all is not lost. You can still figure out the distance by calculating where the ball would be in the white area. Use the nearest point of reference on the diagram to your ball and pace off the distance to your ball.  Use the scale ruler to mark your ball in the blank white area. You may now use this location to determine where you want to hit the ball.

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