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What are the hours of the Clubhouse, pool and spa?

In short—between 8 am and 10 pm. The electronic access card key will open the clubhouse gate between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. You can’t use your card key to open the gate after 10. When you are at the clubhouse you might notice that the pool and spa lights turn off at 9:45 pm. And the motion sensor security lights are activated at that same time. This is done to remind you the area is about to close. The “street lights” in the clubhouse and parking lot area go out at 10:10. The gate automatically locks at 10:30 and you will not be able to exit at that time.

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If I stay at the Clubhouse after the posted closing time of 10:00 pm, what will happen?

You will be locked in. Since the new higher fence has been built, it will be difficult to climb out. After 10:00 pm no one can enter the Clubhouse area using their card key. After 10:30 you can not exit using the electronic card key. So you have a grace period of 30 minutes to leave the Clubhouse.

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Why isn’t the pool heated year round?

Heating of the pool, particularly in the colder weather, is prohibitively expensive. Some winter months the gas bill for heating the pool tops $1200 and will only continue to go higher.

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Are alcoholic beverages allowed at the Clubhouse? Are glass containers allowed at the Clubhouse?

No and no. The clubhouse is meant to be a family environment. Glass containers are too dangerous to have in a pool/spa area because of the danger of breakage.

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Can I reserve the tennis court?

So far there hasn't been a need to have a reservation for the tennis court in place. If there start to be conflicts, a reservation system will be put in place.

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What rules are in place in regards to the tennis court?

The tennis court is now locked. Any activity other than tennis was damaging to the tennis court and repairs to the net and surface is expensive.  If you are a tennis player, you can get a key from CID property manager Ruth Campbell, phone number 351-8270  Email:

When other players are waiting to use the courts, please limit time on the court to one-half hour or the time necessary to complete the current set, whichever is less.

Tennis court lights--After the timer turns off the lights, they will need approximately 20 minutes to cool down before they will all turn on again.

Tennis shoes only on the tennis court--no black soled shoes allowed and no bare feet allowed.

No bicycles, skates, skateboards or roller blades are permitted on the tennis court.

No soccer playing is allowed on the tennis court.


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At what age are children allowed to come to the pool without parental supervision ?


· RRF Resident is 16 or 17 — 2 Guests

· RRF resident is 18 or older — 4 Guests

· No more than 4 guests per household

· RRF residents under 16 cannot bring guests to the clubhouse/pool/spa

What are the pool and spa rules?

The rules include:

Maximum number of bathers in pool--32, maximum number in spa-- 7

No food, drink, glass or animals allowed in pool, spa  or on pool deck. No smoking while in the pool or spa

No diving allowed. No lifeguard is on duty.

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the pool without an adult in attendance.

All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, in accordance with state law

Guests are limited to 4 persons at one time per RRF household when accompanied by a resident who is 18 years or age or older.  Guests are limited to 2 persons at one time when accompanied by a RRF resident between ages 16 and 18.  No guests are allowed to accompany a RRF resident under the age of 16


No bicycling, roller skating, roller blading or skateboarding allowed in the gated clubhouse area.

The gate must be closed at all times.  Close and lock the gate when entering or leaving the area.


All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, in accordance with state law.


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When I rent the Clubhouse for a birthday party or graduation celebration, why are other homeowners using the pool?

When you rent the Clubhouse you only receive exclusive rights to the use of the Clubhouse for your function. You and yours guests (up to a maximum of 25) are able to use the pool, spa, basketball court, etc. The other homeowners and their guests (maximum of 4) are still entitled to use the facilities—pool, spa, basketball court, tennis court etc.

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Sometimes late at night, people are in the pool area after hours and making a lot of noise. What can I do?

Call Clubhouse Security at 844-522or call the police on their non-emergency number and report the problem.

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How many guests am I allowed to bring to the clubhouse with me?

If you are 14 years old or older you are allowed to bring four guests with you.  If you are younger than 14 you are not allowed to bring guests and must be accompanied by a resident over the age of 14. If you plan to have more than 4 guests you should consider renting the Clubhouse for $35.  This way you can have up to 25 guests and use of the chairs, tables, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

I often see the gate held open by a towel or such item. Am I allowed to open the gate and leave it propped open?

No!  If your electronic card key is used to open the gate and someone enters because you propped the gate open, you could be found liable for any damage or vandalism that this person causes.

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Why is there a roll of blue painters tape hanging on the refrigerator door in the Clubhouse?

The blue tape is provided to encourage people who are decorating the Clubhouse room for a party to use the blue tape instead of duct tape or scotch tape.  Party decorators often forget to remove the tape they used for their decorations.  Duct tape in particular leaves a hard-to-remove residue. The blue tape is easy to remove and doesn't damage the paint.

My electronic card key has cracked in half.  How do I get a replacement?

Contact Ruth Campbell at CID Management Solutions.  There is a $6.00 replacement fee.  Bring in your old card and swap it for the new one. The old card will be de-activated and a new card activated.

I've lost the electronic card key.  How do I get a replacement?

Contact Ruth Campbell at CID Management Solutions..  There is a $60 replacement fee.  The old card will be de-activated and a new card activated.

How many homes are in the RRF HOA?

There are 105 homes with six different floor plans. Each floor plan has three different elevations(exterior appearance of the model).

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What about the other homes I see that look like our models?

These homes were built by the same builder, Strathmore, one to two years prior to our homes. They have the same floor plans and elevations. They have a separate HOA called River Ridge, with their own Clubhouse and Board.


How can I replace the light bulbs in my lighted house number sign?

The company that manufactured the house number signs is still in business.  You can buy light bulbs, plastic lens covers, lamp sets or a whole new sign.  Their website is


The company no longer sells the original light bulbs, what they call the "string of lights."  There are two new choices, both improvements on the old "string of lights." One choice is the replacement lamp set SKU RLS which consists of two incandescent bulbs in a mounting socket.  The second and I think better choice is SKU LEDRLS which consists of LEDs in a mounting socket.  For more info, go to the Aero-Lite Info page on the RRF website or to the Aero-Lite website and click on  Products and then Parts

How can I replace my front door handle? The ones I see for sale at the hardware store won't fit the existing holes in the door.

Our front door handles were made by a company called Weslock.  The one that was on the house originally is the Weslock Lexington 1444 series. The door handle is what is known as an interconnected lock, in which the thumb lock and the deadbolt are in one unit.  You can lock this door from the outside without using your key if you want to lock your door without using the deadbolt.  There are many companies on the internet selling the handlesets.  Here are links to a few of them:

What should I do when I see graffiti on the sidewalk, fence, mailbox, etc.?

If you see graffiti in progress, report it immediately to one of the numbers below! Report graffiti to the GAP Hotline and the Oxnard Police Department.

Graffiti Task Force (805) 385-8010

Graffiti Cleanup Hotline (805) 385-8010

Graffiti in Progress 911

Graffiti Detective (805) 385-7605

 Police Non-Emergency (805) 385-7740

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Are my kids allowed to leave their portable basketball hoop on the driveway overnight?

No. Doing so may subject you to a fine levied by the HOA Board.


Why are there two different types of group mailboxes in our community?

The original mailboxes were plain metal. Many years ago, the Board had these boxes enclosed in a stucco-coated framework to make the boxes more attractive. Over the years vandals and reckless drivers have destroyed many of the “cluster boxes” as the Post Office refers to these mail boxes. The new style mail box that the Post Office currently installs is made of fiberglass and is much more secure than the old style boxes. So far (knock on wood) the new boxes have not been broken into by thieves.

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When is trash pickup? How do I know whether I should put out the recycle can or the green waste can?

Monday is trash pickup day. Oxnard uses a 3 Cart System.  The Collection Schedule helps insure we put out the correct cans for pickup.

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What happens if I just leave my can out on the road all week?

Place carts curbside no later than 6 a.m. and put them away by 8 p.m. on your regular collection day.

If your can is still on the street on Wednesday you will be subject to a fine by the HOA.

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How will the HOA know that I left the garbage can out longer than allowed?

Periodically a group composed of members of the board and committees take a tour of the community and note homes that are not in compliance with the rules and regulations. It is called the “drive-thru.” This includes but is not limited to leaving the trash can out, oil stains on the driveway, boats parked on the driveway, neglected landscaping, peeling paint, etc.

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When does the street sweeper come through our neighborhood?

The day after trash pickup

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If I have a large item to dispose of, such as a hot water heater, old sofa, etc. how do I dispose of it?

Call 385-8060.

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What should I do with my Christmas tree? Can I put it in the green waste can or the trash can?

Oxnard has a Christmas tree recycling program. For more info...

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Where and when are the board meetings?

At the Clubhouse, 2300 Laurel Valley Place, 7:00 p.m. Typically the meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month.Board

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Does the home owner’s association employ a property management company?

Yes. It is  at CID Management Solutions.

Ruth Campbell

1000 Town Center Drive, Suite 300

Oxnard, CA 93036   Phone (805) 351-8270 or email to

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Are the homeowners allowed to comment at the monthly board meetings?

Yes. There is a time during the meeting scheduled for questions or comments from the homeowners.

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How can we find out what happens at the monthly meetings without having to actually attend? I think you should at least post the minutes so we have a general idea of what you do.


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What events does the RRF HOA sponsor?

The annual community-wide garage sale and the Easter Egg Hunt at Connelly Park.

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Is this website an official website of the RRF HOA?

No, the board wasn’t interested in having a website, so the HOA info was just piggybacked onto a website developed for the golf yardage books

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Why do I have to paint my house one of the approved color schemes?

The homes in River Ridge Fairways derive value from a consistent design and look. By employing a group of harmonizing color schemes glaring variations that detract from appeal and value can be avoided. Any changes to the exterior appearance of your home will require the approval of the Architectural Committee. This includes things like new windows, storage sheds that can be seen from the street, driveways, walkways, pools, screen doors, paint colors, garage doors and more. All requests should be submitted to CID Management Solutions, attention Ruth Campbell. Please use the Architectural Modification Request Form  


If you wish to make any change and that change is/will be visible from a neighboring property, a common area or the street, you should submit an Architectural Modification Request Form  and get approval prior to beginning any work.

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How do I find out the approved color schemes?

There are two different books you may borrow and use to help with your paint color decisions. The New Palette Color Scheme books contain only the new colors.  The legacy color schemes are in the complete Color Schemes binders. Call or email  Ruth Campbell (805) 351-8270; CID to put you in contact with a member of  the Architectural Committee to borrow either of the color scheme books.

If I get a building permit from the City of Oxnard do I still need to submit an Architectural Modification Request Form?


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Can I have a satellite dish installed on my house?

Yes. Homeowners do not need to request approval to install a satellite dish on their property as long as the installation meets certain guidelines. In 1996 the FCC required HOA's to allow the installation of satellite dishes on their properties. In 1999, the FCC rules were ratified, resulting in the following general guidelines for the installation of satellite dishes in HOA's:

1. HOAs are allowed to restrict installations where there is a "legitimate safety objective."

2. HOAs may require permits when there is a historic preservation objective.

3. HOAs may impose painting requirements so long as they do not impair reception.

4. HOAs may mandate the location of dishes provided that "acceptable quality signals" can be received.

5. HOA Renters have the same rights as owners in these matters.

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DISCLAIMER: This Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) is provided solely as a general guide and reference. In no way, shape or form is this an official document nor is it enforceable. All information relating to the community documents is provided as a general interpretation. The official community documents take precedence over all information provided within this F.A.Q. and the community documents should be referenced for additional information and clarifications. Neither the Homeowners Association nor any of its affiliates, including the property management company are responsible for any inaccuracies provided in this F.A.Q. or to other resources linked to or provided within this F.A.Q.

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