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Driving around River Ridge and River Ridge Fairways at night, it is becoming increasingly harder to locate house addresses.  After 24 years the tiny bulbs that light up our address signs have begun to fail. Roughly 50% of the homes have address signs that are either completely dark or so dim as to be useless. Surprisingly, the company that manufactured the house number signs is still in business.  You can buy light bulbs, plastic lens covers, lamp sets or a whole new sign from them.  Their website is  Aero-Lite  and click on  Products and then Parts


The company no longer sells the original light bulbs, what they call the "string of lights."  There are two new choices, both improvements on the old "string of lights." One choice is the replacement lamp set SKU RLS which consists of two incandescent bulbs in a mounting socket.  The second and I think better choice is SKU LEDRLS which consists of LEDs in a mounting socket. Go to the  Aero-Lite website and click on Products and then Parts.


One  incandescent replacement lamp set or one of the LED replacement lamp sets is all that is needed to replace the "string of lights."

incedescant lamp set   LED 


After 24 years the plastic lens cover for our address sign was still sturdy but had yellowed.  So when we bought the new LED replacement lamp set we also bought the lens cover for 3" numbers.


We purchased the lens cover for 3" numbers  $14.95

Replacement LED lamp set                            $12.95

Plus shipping and tax


The order form for the lens cover asks for your address numbers and the company installs the heavy duty plastic numbers on the lens cover for you.  Neat!


When you get the replacement parts it is a simple task to remove the old string of lights and connect the new lamp set.  The lens cover snaps back on easily.  The main potential complication is the possibility that over the years the doorbell transformer has gone bad.  It is located on the wall in the garage and looks like this